Dry Ice Blasting

An empty video game store with Wii and PS3 games on shelves, a blue industrial carpet cleaner in the center for water damage restoration, and two blue chairs on the right.

Rapidcan offers heavy duty, non-abrasive dry ice blasting that can be used for a wide range of cleaning applications. Also known as kryogenic blasting, this cleaning process is strong enough to perform the toughest industrial cleaning tasks yet gentle enough to leave the substrate absolutely unaffected.

Dry ice blasting has increasingly become the preferred cleaning solution in several industries today because of its ability to remove almost all types of hard debris and buildup from any type of surface without doing any damage to the underlying material. It can be used to remove paints, oils, contaminants, production residues, release agents and biofilms.

This process offers several advantages over other traditional cleaning methods such as sandblasting or pressure washing. It is environmentally friendly, non-inflammable, non-conductive and non-contaminating, allowing it to be used in any industry without any worry about creating secondary problems. The range of cleaning applications using this method is exceptional while maximizing production efficiency, minimizing downtime and eliminating resultant waste that other methods tend to leave behind.

Dry ice vaporizes on impact with the surface so that there is no trace of it left behind at the site. The only thing remaining behind is the loosened contaminant you are trying to remove. Because of this unique property of dry ice, it is particularly useful for cleaning complex cavities where the conventional grit blast media would otherwise become trapped. And because it is also non-toxic and non-contaminating, it can safely be used to clean machinery in the food and beverage industry.

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In addition to all of the above benefits, dry ice blasting also takes much less time. This is because most items can be cleaned as is, without any need for time consuming disassembly.

At Rapidcan, we have had extensive and varied experience with dry ice blasting applications. We provide services to a various industries including:


Our services include:

Industrial stripping & cleaning
Graffiti removal
Surface preparation & sanitization
Concrete tank inspection & repair
Mold remediation
Fire restoration

An empty video game store with Wii and PS3 games on shelves, a blue industrial carpet cleaner in the center for water damage restoration, and two blue chairs on the right.

At Rapidcan, we pride ourselves on our superior quality work, exceptional customer satisfaction and faultless safety record. All of our staff are properly certified and experienced in different aspects of dry ice blasting to minimize the odds of any inadvertent mishap.

We offer dry ice blasting services across Toronto. All of our cleaning contracts can be customized to meet your unique cleaning needs. Call us today for all of your industrial cleaning needs.

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