Restoration Services

Restoration Services

Rapidcan is a leader in disaster cleanup and restoration services in Canada. From flood removal and sewage extraction to complete disaster restoration, we get the job done properly and quickly.

We are specialists in all areas of restoration services, from the initial assessment to removing, repairing & restoring damage due to flash floods, burst pipes, sewage backups or any other water leaks.

In case of water intrusion into the home, quick response time is crucial because water can travel a long way in a short time and cause extensive damage quickly. Not only does it damage the furniture and other items in its path but it can also seep into building material and weaken the foundation of your home. The faster you get disaster cleanup done, the lesser the material and financial loss you are likely to suffer.

Water Damage Restoration Is Not Something You Should Try On Your Own

While it may seem easy to simply dry off the water that you can see, dealing with water damage is complex and cannot be done without the right resources. Drying off the visible water is only part of the solution. However it is often the invisible water that causes the most damage and that can only be removed by trained professionals using the right equipment.

Professional disaster restoration involves a 3 step process:

The first step involves extraction and absorption of excess water using high power extractors and specialized equipment.

After all the excess water is removed, the lingering moisture and humidity in the environment is vaporised using fans and dehumidifiers.

The final step involves repair and restoration of all damaged items and structures so your home can be restored to its former condition.

Rapidcan’s Emergency Restoration Services

Damage restoration services are a critical step after any kind of water damage. Rapidcan has a team of restoration experts that will assess your needs and work with you to restore your home and property. We know that every disaster cleanup and restoration job is unique and we strive to develop a personalised renovation plan that is tailored to your requirements. When it comes to restoration services, we not compromise on any score. All of our staff are IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) trained and all materials we use are of the highest quality. Whether you have suffered extensive flood water damage or just had a small flood brought on by a leaking faucet, we take great pride in making your space look brand new again. For us, the restoration service is not complete until all signs of dampness and water damage are removed and you can enjoy your living space again.

Rapidcan’s disaster restoration services include cleaning, disinfecting and repairing all items or structures damaged by the water intrusion. After a water intrusion, carpets often require major treatment and all electrical systems and sockets need to be checked before they can be used. These can be the two most time-consuming aspects of a disaster cleanup. We attend to both these areas saving you the time and trouble of having to call in other specialists.

Some water damage is beyond repair and the only viable option is reconstruction. At Rapidcan, we have professionals who specialise in doing restoration and reconstruction work. Our team will do an expert job of repairing and replacing the flooring, drywall and ceilings and will also reconstruct all areas or rooms where the need arises.

As part of our damage restoration service, we also correct the landscaping of your property so that it has the proper runoff and drainage, reducing the likelihood of repeated water seepage into your home.

The final steps in the disaster restoration process involve providing the final detail touches that will return your home to its former beauty.

Call us today at 416-333-6336 for all damage restoration services including emergency restoration services and we’ll be there in 45 minutes or less.

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