Water Extraction

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Water Extraction

When your property experiences any kind of water damage, immediate and efficient water extraction are the most crucial factors to limiting the damage.

Water damage may stem from several different sources and may be sudden or as a result of a buildup from a slow leak. Some of the more common causes of water damage include plumbing failures, local flooding, groundwater leaks or long-term moisture and humidity.

Plumbing failures: Plumbing failures include blocked sinks, cracked or frozen water pipes, leaking water heaters, loose washing machine hoses and blocked drains among others. Any of these can release hundreds of gallons of water into your home within a short time.

Local flooding: Sudden heavy rain fall can cause unexpected flooding inside the home. The flood damage in these cases can be very rapid and very severe. Getting professional water removal done as soon as possible is crucial to minimising the extent of the damage.

Groundwater leaks: Groundwater can find its way into the basement or crawlspace anytime. This can result in soaked carpets in the basement, rotting wood in crawlspaces and growth of mold and mildew anywhere in these spaces.

Long-term moisture and humidity: Minor leaks such as a slowly leaking pipe or faucet are easily overlooked but the slow leaking can result in increased moisture and humidity, which over time can lead to major damage to wood, walls and personal items within that space.

Whether it is from a catastrophic storm, an overflowing sewer drain or from a burst pipe, the moment water intrudes into your home it creates all kinds of problems. Water destroys all equipment, furniture and other personal properties quickly and silently. If water removal is delayed it will soak the walls and floorboards, causing warping and cracking which can compromise the structural strength of your home as the walls and floorboards get soaked with water. Over a period of time, the persistent dampness can lead to growth of molds and mildew, which is a health hazard. The financial consequences of flood damage can be devastating.

Rapidcan has the necessary professional experience in water extraction, wet basement repair, mold prevention and sewage cleanup. No water cleanup job is too big or too small for us. We have highly trained experts and the right equipment to handle the most complex flood removal jobs. We also offer economical rates for small water removal jobs.

At Rapidcan our services include:

Flood/Water removal & cleanup
Water flood damage repair & restoration
Carpet damage cleanup & repair
Wet basement repairĀ 
Sewage extraction & cleanup
Mold removal & remediation
Renovation and restoration services

We have put in place a simple but very effective process for water extraction and flood removal. Our 3-step process includes:

Water Removal: Using specially designed powerful vacuums and submersible equipment we quickly and effectively remove all standing water from your space.
Thorough Drying Up: Some amount of moisture and humidity will inevitably remain even after the water extraction is complete. We use air moving devices such as dehumidifiers and fans to circulate air, remove all traces of dampness from the space and dry all items that have been affected.
Repair & Restoration: Once the space is completely dry, we inspect all items to determine what repairs and restoration work needs to be done.

Why Call Rapidcan for Water Extraction Services?

Rapidcan gets the job done right, quickly and inexpensively. We have been in this business for several years and have built a reputation for our efficient, honest, prompt and cost-effective flood removal services.

We use cutting edge equipment. We do all water cleanup jobs using cutting edge equipment that is effective in minimising your total water damage and preventing the onset of mold growth, which could lead to further damage and loss. When it comes to water removal, our powerful, self-contained truck-mounts give us the clear advantage.

Our workforce is expertly trained. Our staff at Rapidcan is carefully handpicked. Everyone in our water extraction team is highly skilled and qualified and capable of rapidly deploying any of our technological solutions to contain your emergency.

Our staff is experienced, courteous and dedicated: When you use Rapidcan for your flood removal, you know our staff will not add to your stress. All of our team members are experienced, courteous and committed to ensuring that your property is restored to normal as soon as possible with minimum damage and inconvenience.

We are available 24/7 for emergency water removal: Our rapid response team is always on standby to ensure that your water emergency requirements are attended to quickly and effectively.

Call Rapidcan today for quick, efficient and cost-effective water extraction.

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